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The Long and the Short of it...

People. Passion. Precision. These are the values that make David Marshall one of Ireland’s longest established and the top in the hair care industry.

‘Little things make perfection but perfection is no little thing.’  David Marshall

At aged 18, David Marshall began his career as an apprentice to Vidal Sassoon in Sloane  Street, Knightsbridge, London, W1. Under the watchful eye of Sassoon, he learned his trade to the highest and most exacting standards.  David was deemed to have completed his four year apprenticeship in just 18 months, by Vidal.

David’s talent, work ethic and precision were recognised and rewarded by Sassoon. At age 21, David was appointed as Vidal Sassoon’s youngest ever manager at his Sloane Street Salon.

Ann Champion was a teacher and David Marshall, one of Sassoon's youngest ever managers, 171 New Bond St. Salon (Courtesy of Vidal Sassoon website)

Instilled with the genius, passion and the energy of his London experience, David returned home to establish his first hair salon in Dublin’s up and coming Fade Street, just off South Great George’s Street. Nobody in Ireland had the quality of experience that Marshall got in London and few have to this day. The salon was an instant hit with celebrities and professionals.

In 1982, exactly 30 years ago, the David Marshall Academy of Hairdressing was opened. David Marshall brings the same exacting standards that he learned at Vidal Sassoon to students training in Ireland.

The objective: To make each graduate of the David Marshall Academy world-class, with the standard of training and experience that allows them to take their place in a top salon in Dublin, London, New York or anywhere for that matter.  More about us.

Following the plan of his own apprenticeship, David established an 18 month course to produce top quality hairdressers.  Only graduates that reach exacting standards graduate, which means, of course, that if you are a graduate of the David Marshall Academy, you are qualified to work in the world’s best hairdressers.

The School of Hairdressing has widened its focus from a professional hairdressing qualification to include the business of running a hairdressing salon. Courses are certified by the World Federation of Hair and Beauty Schools.

The hairdressing school also operates a hair salon for those who want a quality cut, colour or blow-dry at an affordable price.

David Marshall Academy of Hairdressing

Today, David Marshall is based full time at his hairdressing salon and school at Fade Street / South Great George’s Street. David Marshall has survived three recessions – the seventies, the eighties and the noughties. One of the reasons for his success is because ‘quality endures’.  People travel from all over Ireland and from abroad to experience the delights and the benefits of a precision hair cut by David or one of his highly trained professionals.

His salon is still regarded as one of Dublin’s finest hair stylists and standards of precision hair cutting coupled with great colour are extremely high. Clients including celebrities, professionals and those who want a little more panache remain consummately loyal.

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