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The school runs two separate courses:

  • Diploma Course in Hairdressing for students training to become junior hairdressers.
  • Post Qualified Certificate to up-skill in specific areas such as colour and/or hair cutting for qualified hairdressers returning to employment after an absence due to maternity leave etc.


The Diploma Course

Entry Requirements:

The course is open to those who have completed their Leaving Certificate or in the case of Northern Ireland or overseas applicants, an equivalent qualification.

Application Process:

All prospective students must attend an interview and assessment process to determine the suitability of each candidate for a career in hairdressing. Not all applicants are deemed suitable, while a career in hairdressing can be extremely rewarding it is also a demanding and at times stressful profession and requires commitment, application, dedication and a determination to succeed.

Course Content:

  • This course is delivered over an 18 calendar month period, over five days per week from 9.30am to 4pm. In addition to Bank Holidays, students get a two weeks break over Christmas. They also are entitled to two weeks of annual holidays during the summer months in addition to Bank Holidays.
  • Overall the course lasts for 5.5 hrs per day or 27.5 hrs per week for 72 weeks of intensive tuition and practical work in a functioning hair salon.
  • Occasionally students will be required to attend for a further number of weeks if it is considered that there is an aspect of their skills level that requires some further tuition to bring them up to the overall standard demanded by the school.

Post Qualification Certificate

  • Each course is individual and is tailored to each applicant’s requirements.
  • Many participants are sent by their employer to improve their skills lever, while many other participants undertake the course of their own volition in order to improve their employment prospects. 

Syllabus of the Diploma Course


  • Following the successful completion of this programme students will have exceeded the technical standards an apprentice will have reached after four years due to the intensity and breath of the course, and not least due to the fact that they are studying and training in a salon which would be considered the best in Ireland over the last 34 years.
  • Students are assessed at the completion of each semester’s work. They are not allowed to proceed until they have reached the set level of proficiency.
  • Students who are not applying themselves or are failing to reach the milestone standards are not allow to continue with the course and either drop out voluntarily or are requested to leave.
  • Students from the school are always in demand within the industry. Requests are received for graduates from salon across the country and the graduates of the David Marshall School of Hairdressing always find employment.
  • Some students may emigrate and their certificate and the reputation of the school ensures that they find ready employment in the UK, Australia and Canada.
  • Many other salons send their staff to the school for refresher courses/upskilling classes and many salon owners are past graduates of the school.

The World Federation Hairdressing and Beauty Schools Programme.

  • The World Federation offers a quality led training programme that leads the student to acquire a wide blend of knowledge of hairdressing theory, health and safety and also the importance of client awareness and handling. The emphasis at all times is on the development of the practical skills that underpin the student's progress in the ever-changing hairdressing world.
  • During the course the World Federation requires each student to prepare and add to a portfolio of work and this is monitored by students' tutors. It should be noted that ALL students are assessed by a member of our team of qualified assessors.
  • The student end assessment process consists of a theory paper and then a day long practical assessment encompassing all core skills.
  • To complete the assessment and achieve certification, students demonstrate their underlying practical skills in hairdressing and how they integrate their knowledge of fashion and styling into their design creativity.
  • This is intended to prepare students for engagement with a professional and commercial work environment where change is normal and readily embraced.

The Diploma Course Content



Social Skills Social skills
Anatomy of the skull Scalp condition & disorders
Hair growth cycle Shampooing & scalp care
Hair scalp disorders Blow drying & setting
Hygiene & sterilisation Hair design & up styling
Shampooing Permanent waving
Hair cutting techniques Basic & fashion cutting techniques
Hair colouring, basic application & theory Basic colouring
Permanent waving Advanced cutting & styling techniques
Health & safety Gents cut & styling
Customer consultation Advanced colout & techniques
Reception duties Health & safety
Business management Customer handling skills
Retail Reception responsibilities
  Business management


Course Delivery is through the following modules: -

Semester 1          8 weeks

Classroom learning :

Areas covered include:

  • Social skills
  • Anatomy of the skull
  • Hair growth cycle
  • Hair & scalp disorders
  • Hygiene and sterilisation
  • Health and Safety
  • Introduction to hairdressing- mannequins to practice shampooing, basic cutting techniques, Hair colouring – basic applications & techniques
  • Permanent waving
  • Customer consultation
  • Reception duties
  • Business Management

Semester 2        8 weeks

Practical Learning -- Classroom and Salon floor

  • Social skills
  • Client consultation
  • Retail knowledge
  • Product knowledge
  • Shampooing
  • Blow-drying
  • Setting

Semester 3          12 weeks

Practical Learning- Stage 2 -- Classroom and Salon Floor

  • Social skills
  • Basic Cutting Techniques
  • Basic Colouring
  • Product/Retail knowledge revisited
  • Up styling
  • Permanent Waving

Semester 4          12 weeks

Advance Practical Learning -- Salon Floor and Classroom 

  • In-salon demonstrations (by supplier demonstrators)
  • Advanced cutting techniques
  • Advanced colour techniques
  • Off-site hair styling experience – fashion shows, charity events

Semester 5        24 weeks

Individual Learning and Continuous Assessment -- Salon Floor and Classroom

  • Social skills, students at this stage should fully understand the dynamics involved with interacting with clients, how to meet and greet, engage in conversation, understand that in the profession of hairdressing tactile contact is necessary but understanding the boundaries and the dignity of others and the correct way to engage with clients and colleagues.
  • Students will be fully supervised whilst taking care of paying clients on a day-to-day basis
  • Students will be responsible for monitoring individual progress with regards to timing and efficiency
  • Students will continue to gain valuable practical experience in looking after clients on a daily basis
  • Each students’ progress will be monitored by senior staff on a one to one basis including timing and efficiency of each client’s visit and also the student’s attendance
  • Occasionally students will receive a test on all aspects covered in the course which again will help monitor progress.
  • Reception responsibilities
  • Retail
  • Business Management

Semester 6          8 weeks

  • Examinations preparation --- Salon Floor and Classroom
  • Each student will be required to complete a re-style hair cut on a volunteering model
  • A complete colour change will also take place
  • Theory Exam
  • All exams will be marked by both The World Federation of Hairdressing and the David Marshall School of Hairdressing.


Students will be required to study/observe senior staff working on hair cutting and colouring. This gives them valuable insights into cutting, styling and colouring techniques. They will continue this study/observation to the end of their course and will engage with the senior staff on aspects of the various techniques that they may not understand or appreciate.

During the course, students will continue to practice on mannequins to improve their techniques. Senior staff, including David Marshall will give classes to demonstrate advanced techniques, how to advice clients on the haircut and shape/style most suitable to their face, the colour that blends best with the client’s natural skin tones.

Upon graduating, students readily find employment as junior hairdressers and with the correct application will graduate to a senior stylist within a few years. Many will travel overseas and due to the excellence of the training they received at the David Marshall Academy will find ready employment. Many will progress to owning their own salon.


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